Clinical Hypnotherapy


Hypnosis is the induction of a deeply relaxed state of being. It is a totally natural state of mind. When under hypnosis, you will feel very, very relaxed. The feeling can be likened to lying in a warm bed, so overcome with comfort that you wish the moment will last forever. You may have even experienced hypnosis when you are driving your car. All of a sudden you realise that you have no idea how you got home, you just did, and safely. This is a hypnotic trance.


A hypnotherapist uses simple, hypnotic, relaxation techniques to get you easily into this state. Whilst there, any things that you have chosen to make changes in or changes to, can be addressed. Even though you will be incredibly relaxed, you will be in full control at all times. You cannot ever be made to "do" or "say" anything you do not want to. When you are brought back, you will feel like you have had an amazingly restful sleep.


Hypnotherapy is being used successfully for issues such as anxiety, panic disorder, motivation, smoking, pain relief, unproductive habits, etc. In fact, if you want to change a thought, behaviour or belief, then hypnosis is definitely for you.


I am a credentialled Clinical Hypnotherapist. I gained my qualification at the ONLY Government accredited College in Brisbane.


I believe hypnotherapy is a great tool to use in conjunction with prenatal, birthing and postnatal supports. I would recommend it if you are experiencing anxiety around childbirth, lactation and feeding or if you are postnatally overwhelmed. And being overwhelmed happens. And YES, I have had many sessions of hypnotherapy and it feels sensational. I love it.


Prices start at $120 per session at my venue or in your own home.  I recommend three sessions for most issues, some people find change happening after only two. This is not a long drawn out therapy. You are way too busy for that.


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