Postnatal Lactation Consultancy


How incredibly exciting. A new baby. Somtimes it doesn't feel so amazing when the feeding is causing you concern and stress.

That's okay, there is nothing that cannot be worked through. I have been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for over 16years. I have been a member of Australian Breastfeeding Association since 1989. I have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and wisdom in that time that I can share with you.


It really doesnt need to be this stressful. There is always a solution. You are unique, your baby is unique. There is not one plan that will work for every single mummy and baby. Again, I stress, I am incredibly flexible. I am able to see the world through the lens of not only being a new parent, but also through the lens of your baby. I am able to come up with suggestions that WILL work in your world.


Whatever decisions you make or have made can always be undone. I give you my guarantee that I will support you in whatever decisions you make and will help you to be SENSATIONAL in whatever way you choose to nurture your baby.                                                                                          

    No judgements allowed at THE MILK TREE.


I will work with you in a way that suits you best, either at your home or my venue.


Prices start at $200 dependant on venue and travel. Call me and we can talk about i



    0401 331 257 - Diane