Diane is a passionate birth advocate. She is now able to offer you "the original and the bestHypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method. HypnoBirthing will teach you how you can influence your labour via a range of very easily learned techniques. They include education, relaxation, breathing, visualisation, affirmations and hypnosis. Imagine being the only one in your group to have a calm, relaxed, blissful birthing experience. You will be completely prepared for whatever experience you encounter. 


Having a baby is definitely one of the most life-changing events to ever happen to a human being. And for most of us, it is something we realise we know very little about, regardless of our day job.  That's okay, you are not alone. HypnoBirthing is a complete childbirth and early parenting education program. 


My offering to you is a series of five classes of 2.5 hours each week. Classes are deliberately kept small so that you experience the most one to one interaction with myself. You will meet new friends and there is an opportunity for you to stay in contact. You will find yourself prepared not only for the rest of your pregnancy but for your labour, your birthing day, breastfeeding and early parenting. 



Your commitment for this highly specialised, small class, exciting course is only:


                                                        $650 for the five classes 


If you would prefer a completely personalised, private experience, I am able to offer to you this program in the luxury of your own home on a day and time that truly suits you. 


                                                         $1100 for the five classes



If you are intrigued to find out what I have to offer you and you live in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne, I would love to offer you a free Discovery call so that you can ask all the questions that you need.



                        Call Diane on 0401 331 257 email or send me a message via The Milk Tree messenger at                                                                      www.facebook.com/themilktree